Loadhelper by
Preferred Design
Loadhelper Helper Springs are completely mechanical.
Simply pull a pin to let the units down into their 'helper
spring' position before hauling a load. They contact the
pickup truck's leaf springs. This effectively shortens the leaf
spring length to stiffen the suspension. After hauling the
load, pull the pin to raise the units off the pickup's leaf
springs into their 'normal riding' position. It's easy, simple
and inexpensive. But perhaps the greatest advantages of
all is one simple thing--Your loaded pickup will be safer to
Loadhelper Helper Springs
Helping you haul more on your pickup--safer!
The 'Loadhelpers' are just behind rear wheels
Loadhelper in 'Helper Spring' Position
Loadhelper in 'Normal Ride' Position
The 'Loadhelper' is held up by the hitch pin
Loadhelper takes your pickup truck from this....
to this!!  It's safe and economical.
Loadhelper Advantages

Average 65% Less Rear End Sag
Keeps Front End Down--Safer at Night
Improves Cornering Stability
Reduces Sway and Roll
Easy Installation
Reduce Suspension Fatigue
Levels Off Center Loads
Pull Loaded Trailers, Campers or Pickup Loads with Less Sag

Do Not Exceed GVWR of Your Pickup-Truck
All our products are made in USA
View of area behind rear wheel
Typical installation on the rear spring of many
pickup trucks.  This Loadhelper unit installs
on both sides of the truck.  The unit is shown
in the 'down' or helper spring position.  Just
pull the pin and raise them back up when
you're through hauling.
Units are bolted onto frame with self-tapping
bolts.  All installation hardware included.
Loaded pickup without Loadhelpers
Loaded pickup with Loadhelpers
We have sold and shipped our Loadhelper Helper Springs across
the contiguous states and Alaska.  We have been a supplier to
Tractor Supply Company.  We currently focus our sales and
marketing to online sales